Morning Diffuser Blend

Although this morning was hot and steamy, like South Florida is at this time of year, I wanted to smell and feel the crisp air of being in the mountains while I did my morning yoga routine.  I also wanted an excuse to use the new Cypress essential oil (EO) I received with this month’s promo!  So, I dropped in the Cypress EO  first because it has that fresh tree smell, then Peppermint EO for its crispness, and finally, Lime EO to give it that clean citrus aroma.


I closed my eyes and started in mountain pose and envisioned being by a lake in the mountains.  This diffuser blend helped bring this visualization to my practice very vividly.  Usually my visualizations are about clearing my mind and creating space and stillness, but visualizing being in such a peaceful place and smelling the surroundings, enhanced those feelings of space and stillness!

aerial alpine ceresole reale desktop backgrounds

This diffuser blend opened my eyes to a whole new way of diffusing!  Next time I choose my diffuser blend, I’ll be thinking geographically.  I can strike my next pose in the lavender fields in France with Lavender EO or the spruce farms in British Columbia with Northern Lights Black Spruce EO!  What blends will you choose to whisk you away to?  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear.

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